Enhancing Student Mental Health Through Social and Emotional Learning

5-Day Course
Course Overview

Join us for an impactful 5-day training program designed to empower educators with the knowledge, strategies, and practical tools needed to foster social and emotional skills in students, promoting mental health resilience. This course integrates evidence-based practices, interactive workshops, and real-world scenarios to equip educators in creating supportive learning environments that enhance students’ emotional well-being.

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Course Objectives
  • Define and understand the components of emotional intelligence.
  • Strategies for developing emotional intelligence in students.
  • Creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment.
  • Strategies for promoting empathy, respect, and positive communication.
  • Identify factors contributing to resilience in students.
  • Teach effective coping strategies and stress management techniques.
  • Teach conflict resolution skills.
  • Promote positive peer relationships and collaboration.


Day 1

  • Welcome and Introduction.
  • Importance of SEL in Education.
  • Key Components of SEL.
  • Connecting SEL to Academic Success.
  • Assessing SEL Needs in Your Classroom.
  • Group Activity: Case Studies on SEL Impact.

Day 2

  • Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • Developing EI in Students.
  • Interactive Workshop: EI in Action.
  •  Strategies for Integrating EI in Lessons.
  • Building Self-Awareness and Empathy.
  • Group Discussion: Implementing EI Practices.

Day 3

  • Creating a Supportive Classroom Environment.
  • Promoting Positive Communication.
  • Group Activity: Role-Playing Positive Scenarios.
  • Strategies for Fostering Empathy and Respect.
  • Addressing Bullying and Negative Behavior.
  • Case Studies on Positive Classroom Culture.

Day 4

  • Understanding Resilience in Students.
  • Factors Contributing to Resilience.
  • Teaching Effective Coping Strategies.
  • Stress Management Techniques for Students.
  • Practical Exercises: Developing Resilience Plans.
  • Group Discussion: Challenges and Solutions.

Day 5

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Practices.
  • Strategies for Integrating Mindfulness in the Classroom.
  • Peer Relationships and Conflict Resolution Skills.
  • Promoting Positive Peer Relationships.
  • Engaging Families in SEL at Home.
  • Community Collaboration for Mental Health Resources.
  • Final Project: Creating an SEL Action Plan.
  • Course evaluation and Feedback.
Next Dates
LocationStarting DateStatusEnrol
Madeira15 April, 2024Pre-Confirmed
Madeira10 June, 2024Contact Us
Póvoa de Varzim 5 August, 2024Pre-Confirmed
Barcelos9 December, 2024Pre-Confirmed


All expenses can be covered through a Knowledge Acquisition (KA) subsidy within the Erasmus+ initiative. This is a 5-day training course in which Mobility Friends imposes a fee of 450 euros per attendee, in courses located in the cities of the continent. For the Madeira and Azores, the price will be 480 euros. The price includes the training course, a coffee break, and a cultural visit to the city where the course is held.

Important Info


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who attend minimum of 80% of the course.


The time of classes, whether in the morning or afternoon is determined by the provider. The schedule may vary considerably based on participants’ preferences and the trainer’s discretion regarding any modifications.

Cultural activities

The participants will have the opportunity to visit the most emblematic cities of Portugal (Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, and others). The cultural activity program may differ according to the participant’s choice. One cultural visit to the city, where the course is located, is included in the price.


For certain courses, it may be necessary for you to bring your own laptop. Our team will inform you in case of need.

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