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We are an international team of highly skilled individuals dedicated to delivering outstanding results for the European projects our organization undertakes in collaboration with its partners.
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Mobility Friends stands as the largest European organization in Portugal.

PIC number: 948037649 Organisation ID: E10207576
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Since its establishment in 2012, Mobility Friends has engaged over 28,000 participants in various projects and collaborated with organizations from over 30 countries worldwide, solidifying our international reputation.

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A few things we’re great at

At Mobility Friends we take action for our goals and values with a sense of responsibility to a better future for everyone.

Social Responsibility

Fostering a proactive awareness of social obligations, and human rights, embracing diversity, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and preserving both the environment and cultural heritage.

Support Others

We assist domestic and international public and private organizations in formulating and executing policies pertaining to the issues faced by all individuals in society.

Promote Volunteerism and sports

Encouraging volunteering as a chance for personal growth while also fueling the emergence of ideas, initiatives, and interactions. We additionally advocate for recreational pursuits in sports, culture, and adventurous endeavors.

Education for development

We engage across social, cultural, environmental, professional, economic, and commercial domains, arranging internships, educational events, language classes, seminars, gatherings, and workshops, as well as professional, educational, and cultural excursions.


Appreciating diverse multicultural and intercultural perspectives, aiming for adaptable and vibrant conduct, while ensuring the accomplishment of the undertaken endeavors.

Social inclusion

Combatting the marginalization of individuals from underprivileged social strata, those with limited educational backgrounds, individuals with physical and mental disabilities, senior citizens, and ethnic minorities.


Stimulating the initiative of staff and partners to shape their concepts and endeavours into initiatives that contribute positively to the community.

Mobility Friends is accredited as a host organization for the Certification of Training Entities as a Vocational Training Center by DGERT.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people say:

Ali Jafri, Julien Eskola, Haris Fazlagic

Participants from Sweden

We’ve been job shadowing for several days in Braga. This allowed us to see various classes and gain insight into the operational dynamics of the Portuguese education framework. Our visit also included trips to the cities of Braga and Porto. Our favorite city was Porto due to its culture and architecture. Exploring this city with our guide was the best way to make our experience unforgettable. We recommend Mobility Friends for their exceptional assistance with logistics, and overall support throughout our journey. Their expertise ensured an enjoyable experience, making our trip memorable and perfect for our project.

Monique Giuffrida

Participant from Germany

During the last two weeks, I had a course about Digitalisation and Communication. We had three hours of training and enough time to discover more and have a great time. We played a lot of billiards here and we had some game nights. The best city was Porto and Guimarães. We enjoyed that a lot. It’s a great place for students and we enjoyed our time here.

Riccardo Sardina

Participant from Italy

I learned a lot of new things at my internship with Mobility Friends! There were a lot of nice people. During my period here I also met many new friends from Poland, Romania, France, and many more countries. While I was here I managed to visit many cities, but my favorite was Porto. The boat cruise was amazing and gave us the chance to visit a lot of the city. I recommend Mobility Friends since that allows us to travel and to visit the most. Thank you Mobility Friends for the Experience!

Our Announcements

Welcome to Madeira Island

It is with great enthusiasm that we share that Mobility Friends expanded its activities in April to the stunning Portuguese island of Madeira, where we organize three types of mobilities: job shadowing, training courses and internships. Madeira’s natural beauty and rich culture provided an inspiring backdrop for the activities. During job shadowing mobilities, participants had […]

Connect Anywhere, Anytime: Mobility Friends Goes Online!

We want to emphasize that Mobility Friends is 100% available to organize online meetings to discuss a wide range of topics. Whether it’s about KA1/2 projects, internships, job shadowing, preparatory visits, or creating new partnerships, our team is ready to engage in meaningful discussions and provide support every step of the way. We understand the […]

Mobility Friends Training Center

At Mobility Friends Training Center, April was a successful month, full of learning and development opportunities. We organize several training courses in the following areas: -Digital Marketing and Dissemination Mechanisms -The best Digital Resources with the Support of Programming Language -The use of Word Applications to Create Marketing Products -STEAM -Using ICT Tools in Education […]

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Telephone: +351 253 144 226

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