2020-1-DE04-KA227-YOU-020803 “Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion Through Culture”

 The project “Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion Through Culture” starts from the common needs of the 5 partner institutions from Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and France. Youth workers in these countries work with multicultural groups of young people of various nationalities and ethnicities due to migration (Germany, Portugal and France), with young people from various social and educational backgrounds (ES),with young people from various countries in Asia and Europe (TUR).

The needs of the partners were identified by designing and distributing an MCQ questionnaire (with multiple choice options), with three questions on (1) the intercultural social context in the region of each partner, (2) the needs of youth workers and (3) the topics that young people from the region of each partner feel attracted. Each question had 14 – 6 – 6 variants of answers that highlighted a similar social context, common needs of youth workers and affinities of young people for topics related to culture and media.

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