2017-1-UK01-KA202-036666 – “StayMobil”

Transnational mobility has over the  last decade become a household    byword in VET policy discussions not only in EC context, but also at national and regional policy level. Nowadays, being increasingly employed as a pedagogical tool in formal and non-formal contexts, issues of quality in mobility become a pressing concern. Although considered quite important it is very difficult to pin down precisely what good quality in mobility actually means. Here comes the correlation between quality and quantity: the more is known about quality and how to achieve it, the more confident and effective organizations can be in their efforts to reach out and offer mobility experience as a meaningful opportunity for strengthening future employability and personal development. According to EC Mobility Scoreboard that monitors progress in IVET mobility based on 10 key action areas, the average EU performance for 2016 in terms of ensuring mobility quality is considered unsatisfactory. As regards partners, only Lithuania and Italy performed very good in mobility quality, followed by Germany and UK classified as performing good, and last in the ranking are Bulgaria and Portugal with no data provided.

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