We are celebrating Saint Martin´s Day.

🌰🌰 Magusto – Mobility Friends Campus 🍷🍷🌰🌰

🌰🌰 Legend has it that the origin of the traditional magusto dates back to the 4th century, on a stormy day, Martin – a Gallic knight – was trying to return home and met a beggar on the way who asked him for alms. The knight, who had no coins with him, took his cloak off his back, cut it with his sword and gave it to the beggar. Immediately the sun began to shine and the miracle of the “summer of Saint Martin” took place.

🌰🌰 So, at this time of year, the cold and rainy weather typical of the season gives way to a sunny day to enjoy a great magusto with roasted chestnuts 🌰, açaí and jeropiga. 🍷


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