Mastering Classroom Innovation with Educational Apps

5-Day Course
Course Overview

This comprehensive 5-day training program is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate educational apps into their classrooms. Participants will explore a variety of educational apps, learn effective strategies for integration, and gain hands-on experience in creating engaging and personalized learning experiences. The course aims to equip educators with the tools needed to enhance student engagement, differentiate instruction, and assess student progress using innovative educational technology.

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Course Objectives
  • Understand the Role of Educational Apps.
  • Select and Evaluate Educational Apps.
  • Integrate Apps into Lesson Plans.
  • Explore Advanced Features and Customization.
  • Implement Apps Effectively in the Classroom.
  • Enhance Professional Development and Continued Learning.


Day 1

  • Understanding Educational Technology.
  • Overview of the role of technology in education.
  • Benefits and challenges of using apps in the classroom.
  • Types of Educational Apps.
  • Exploration of different categories of educational Apps.
  • Examples of apps for various subjects and age groups.
  • Selecting and Evaluating Apps.
  • Criteria for Choosing Educational Apps.
  • Hands-on practice: participants explore and evaluate sample Apps.
  • Integrating Apps into the Curriculum.
  • Strategies for incorporating apps into lesson plans.
  • Aligning apps with educational standards.

Day 2

  • Getting Started with Educational Apps.
  • Basics of app installation and setup.
  • Navigating app interfaces.
  • Subject-Specific Apps.
  • Breakout sessions for different subject areas.
  • Collaborative exploration and sharing of subject-specific apps.
  • Creating Engaging Content.
  • Hands-on activity: participants create a simple lesson plan using an app.
  • Tips for fostering student engagement.
  • Troubleshooting and Support.
  • Common issues and solutions.
  • Establishing support networks for teachers.

Day 3

  • Advanced Features of Educational Apps.
  • Exploring advanced functionalities of selected Apps.
  • Tailoring apps to meet specific classroom needs.
  • Strategies for personalizing learning experiences.
  • Using apps to address diverse student needs.
  • Collaborative Learning with Apps.
  • Tools for collaborative projects and group activities.
  • Examples of successful collaborative learning with Apps.
  • Case Studies and Best Practices.
  • Real-world examples of successful app integration.
  • Best practices for maximizing the impact of Apps in the classroom.

Day 4

  • Formative Assessment with Apps.
  • Tools for real-time assessment and feedback.
  • Designing formative assessments using Apps.
  • Summative Assessment and Reporting.
  • Incorporating apps into traditional assessment methods.
  • Generating reports and tracking student progress.
  • Data Privacy and Security.
  • Understanding the importance of data privacy.
  • Ensuring the security of student information when using apps.
  • Participants reflect on their experiences.

Day 5

  • Developing a Classroom App Plan.
  • Participants create a roadmap for integrating apps into their classrooms.
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations.
  • Professional Development and Continued Learning.
  • Strategies for ongoing teacher development in educational technology.
  • Resources for staying current with new apps and updates.
  • Showcasing Classroom Projects.
  • Participants share their app-based lesson plans and projects.
  • Peer feedback and collaboration.
  • Review of key takeaways from the training.
  • Feedback and evaluation course.
Next Dates
LocationStarting DateStatusEnrol
Madeira15 April, 2024Pre-Confirmed
Braga3 June, 2024Contact Us
Lisbon21 October, 2024Confirmed
Barcelos 2 December, 2024Pre-Confirmed


All expenses can be covered through a Knowledge Acquisition (KA) subsidy within the Erasmus+ initiative. This is a 5-day training course in which Mobility Friends imposes a fee of 450 euros per attendee, in courses located in the cities of the continent. For the Madeira and Azores, the price will be 480 euros. The price includes the training course, a coffee break, and a cultural visit to the city where the course is held.

Important Info


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who attend minimum of 80% of the course.


The time of classes, whether in the morning or afternoon is determined by the provider. The schedule may vary considerably based on participants’ preferences and the trainer’s discretion regarding any modifications.

Cultural activities

The participants will have the opportunity to visit the most emblematic cities of Portugal (Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, and others). The cultural activity program may differ according to the participant’s choice. One cultural visit to the city, where the course is located, is included in the price.


For certain courses, it may be necessary for you to bring your own laptop. Our team will inform you in case of need.

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