2023-1-PT01-KA122-ADU-000144878 – Living Arts: Innovative Approaches to Appropriation

Project Objectives:

The goal is to raise awareness of sustainable development through art, promote the
transversality of theater techniques, and improve educational approaches for
disadvantaged audiences in Mobility Friends. The objectives of the Erasmus+
mobilities are multi-faceted, including familiarizing staff with other European
educational systems, sharing new ideas, exploring best practices, and strengthening
the skills and employability of artists/trainers. They will act as multipliers and
integrate the knowledge gained into their teaching practices, passing it on to
colleagues and the local community.

Participant Selection Criteria:

First Project Dissemination between the Team:

Presented to the surrounding Community through:

  • General team meetings
  • Institutional website
  • Social media
Selection Process Responsibility:
  • Managed by the European Project Coordination of Mobility Friends
Selection Criteria:
  • Based on the project’s objectives
  • Participant profile
  • Availability
  • Motivation
  • Relevance to the type of training provided
  • Needs of each involved profession
Additional Considerations:
  • Type of mobilities that could satisfy the plan’s objectives

Training Course 01: Art and The Environment

The main focus of the KA122 – ADU – 7730D46D – Living Arts project is the promotion of sustainable development, the transversality of theatrical techniques, and attention to audiences in disadvantaged situations, aiming to expand the association at a local and international level.
With this project, Mobility Friends aims to strengthen its presence in the artistic scene and contribute to the dissemination of European values. We believe that the combination of efforts, knowledge, and experiences will significantly benefit everyone involved, contributing to the construction of a richer and more diverse artistic community.

The first Training Course of this project took place in the cold yet warm city of Vilnius, Lithuania.

5 members headed to Lithuania to carry out the Project’s first Training Course, Art and The Environment.

During the mobility experience, our staff have developed a perspective on the impact of art in people’s lives. They have honed their critical thinking skills, and developed their creativity and sensitivity to understanding how individuals express themselves through art. This equips them better, in their professional path, to engage with diverse demographics, ranging from adolescents to young adults.

They were impressed by Lithuania’s ability to repurpose spaces that would otherwise remain abandoned, transforming them into communal areas for people to enjoy. This inspired them to adopt a fresh outlook and consider the incredible possibilities for similar initiatives in their own country. This experience allowed them to foster meaningful relationships with other organizations and partners, while also gaining insights into Lithuania’s current societal landscape. Hearing about the struggles of individuals, such as the Ukrainian artist fighting to preserve her country’s culture, fostered a deeper empathy for the challenges faced in other nations. They learned more about artistic expression through their visit to the theater, where they discussed the technical and digital aspects of play preparation. Additionally, they explored the impact that these performances have on individuals, often serving as a place for social critique.

During their mobility in Vilnius, Lithuania, the group had an enriching cultural experience. They explored the picturesque streets of the old city, marveling at the historic architecture of its emblematic monuments. They discovered new neighboring cities, immersing themselves in the region’s rich cultural heritage. The snow that covered the streets provided moments of fun as they played and enjoyed the magical atmosphere of winter. These experiences not only enriched their cultural knowledge but also created unforgettable memories that will last forever. This cultural immersion is considered by Mobility Friends to be a fundamental part of Erasmus mobilities, as it promotes intercultural understanding and strengthens ties between participants.

The second Training Course of the Living Arts project, called the Drama and Forum Theater Course, took place in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Over the span of 7 days, 5 staff members from AIAM gathered an array of skills that significantly enhanced their professional capabilities.

During this intensive course, participants engaged in a series of activities focused on voice training, effective communication, and proper voice usage. They learned various theater techniques, including breathing exercises and role-playing scenarios that addressed social discrimination. These sessions were instrumental in teaching participants how to adapt their emotions effectively in the workplace.

In addition, improvisation exercises played a crucial role in enhancing their ability to think quickly and creatively in dynamic situations. This training not only improved their communication skills but also bolstered their emotional adaptability, which is essential for both professional and personal interactions.

These comprehensive sessions provided invaluable tools and methods, allowing the AIAM staff to return with improved communication skills, heightened emotional adaptability, and a deeper understanding of theater techniques, ultimately benefiting their professional and personal lives.

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