Collector´s Home – Braga – Portugal

👉 Mobility Friends informs all friends that we have a new accommodation 🛌in the historic center of Braga 🇵🇹 – “Collector´s Home”

📌 The Collector’s Home, which was a former Residential Pension in the 70s of the last century, is a unique accommodation in the city of Braga, due to its location, its history, as well as the collections in each of its rooms.

📌 Restored in 2015, it perpetuates the long history of the building and the family, as well as the original charm of the former residential inn, recreating a history, a collection and a theme in each room. The names of the rooms speak for themselves: Porcelain, Nature, Journey to Japan and Eclectic Baroque on the 2nd floor of the building, Saudade Portuguesa on the 3rd floor and the mythical Alice in Wonderland and Robinson Crusoe in the attic.

📌 The Collector’s Home has the amenities of a 21st century pension: free Wi-Fi and shared facilities – living/dining room and kitchen, facing a west-facing balcony.

📌 Guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen and admire the view from the balcony over the city,

📌 We are waiting for you 🤗 at Collector´s Home to collect more friends. 👫

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