Madeira always taking the spotlight 🔦🔦

In Madeira, we bid farewell to our participants from Romania, who departed with cherished memories of their time exploring our island. Simultaneously, we welcomed new participants from Czechia and Hungary, eager to embark on their own immersive experiences. Throughout their stay, they had the opportunity to engage in various fields on the island while also discovering its principal attractions.

From assisting in local initiatives to exploring the breathtaking landscapes and cultural sites, our new participants from Czechia and Hungary were fully immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Madeira. As they worked alongside locals and delved into the island’s unique offerings, they gained invaluable insights and formed lasting connections.

Their time in Madeira was not only marked by professional growth but also by the unforgettable moments spent traversing its rugged terrain, sampling its culinary delights, and experiencing its rich heritage. Departing with newfound knowledge and fond memories, they left with hearts full of gratitude for the enriching experiences Madeira had to offer.

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