Revolutionizing Living Arts: Mobility Friends Takes the Lead in Innovation!

Mobility Friends attains a milestone with the 2023-1-PT01-KA122-ADU-000144878 – Living Arts: Innovative Approaches to Appropriation project, leveraging European structures and Erasmus+ support. Our focus on sustainable development, theater techniques, and engaging disadvantaged audiences aims to expand our impact locally and internationally. This month, five of our participants explored Vilnius, Lithuania, delving into its history, architecture, and art to enrich their senses and project work. Through this initiative, we strive to fortify our presence in the arts scene, champion European values, and foster a diverse artistic community. Stay tuned for exciting developments.
As we embark on this journey, we aim to heighten Mobility Friends’ staff awareness of sustainable development through art, the versatility of theater techniques, and pedagogical approaches tailored for challenging audiences. Together, we envision a future where the transformative power of the arts contributes to a more inclusive and vibrant community.

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