A Month of Exciting Partnerships! 🤝🌍

February has been brimming with opportunities as we opened our doors to foster meaningful partnerships and cultural exchange.

1. Building Bridges with Escola Rocha Peixoto: We were delighted to host representatives from Escola Rocha Peixoto as we explored the prospect of an exciting partnership. Our discussions centered on sending VET students on internships abroad, offering them valuable experiences beyond the borders of Portugal.

2. Welcoming Canadian Students: It was a momentous occasion as we welcomed students from Canada for the first time! Their visit to Portugal was a journey of discovery, allowing them to immerse themselves in our rich culture, traditions, and way of life.

As we continue to forge new connections and expand our horizons, we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

#PartnershipMonth #CulturalExchange #GlobalConnections 🌟

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