JUST / 2014 / JDRU / AG / DRUG / 4000006629 – “ReWIND – Rehabilitation Way in NewDirections

 The project focused on identifying best practices and aimed to develop a rehabilitation and reintegration program targeting young drug users, with the following objectives:

  • early intervention and targeted conflict deviance research in all situations that may contribute to formulating conflict deviations, including drug use and abuse, with a special focus on the global situation of minors and their families, and counselling for young people and their families; also for the non-problematic use of different substances;
  • increasing the chances of relaunching healthy development through support for integrated processes; the establishment of a public-private partnership in which professionals with specific and unique experience and skills operate through continuous dialogue and networking;
  • overcoming psychological and economic barriers through the implementation of new practices and operational processes that allow vulnerable adolescents and their families to benefit from a special service that is not very much part of preventive care in the traditional sense.

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