2020-2-BG01-KA205-079436 – “Pathway to youth empowerment“

 Aim of the project:

The aim is to promote practical training projects in the VET sector, thus offering young people the opportunity to go through practical training in their specialty abroad. The project will serve as a connection between the formal education and the labor market. Activities:

  • Training of teachers and educational staff on projects in a real work environment, to promote them as complementary educational approaches
  • Encouraging cooperation between vocational high schools and private organisations, as well as society members in order to exchange knowledge in the field of practical training in a real work environment
  • Creating a favorable environment for cross-sectoral cooperation between the formal and non-formal education sector and the labor market
  • Providing guidelines and tools for the implementation and management of Erasmus + projects in vocational high and second schools
  • Creating conditions and supporting the development of intersectoral networks at EU level, with the aim of new opportunities for work-based learning mobility
  • Encourage non-formal learning tools, especially direct participation in practical work tasks.

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