2015-1-PL01-KA202-016632 – TransVETjob – “Recognition of vocational qualifications for the transfer needs on European job market”

 The aim of the “Recognition of vocational qualifications for the purpose of transfer on the European job market” project was to ensure easier identification of skills and vocational qualifications on the labor markets in Poland, Germany and Portugal on the example of the professions of an electrician and car mechanic and making their transfer to the European job market easier. The project presents not only the differences in vocational education in the chosen countries but also refers the results to the employers’ expectations in those countries.

The project adopted a uniform methodology for the study of national systems of formal education, systems of vocational education, the process of obtaining vocational qualifications and competences in the professions of an electrician and car mechanic for all of the partner countries (Poland, Germany and Portugal) and taking into account the European and national qualifications framework. European Qualification Frame and the development of national qualification frames, common principles for quality assurance in vocational education and training as well as the recognition of qualifications promotes transparency and comparability

of knowledge, skills as well as personal and social competences in the European Union countries. The Council of Europe Resolution (Resolution 96/C 224/04 of 15 July 1996) concerning the transparency of diplomas of vocational training enables educational and professional mobility.

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