Barcelos, Portugal

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Partnership with Coelho Iberian School

Mobility Friends has established a partnership with ‘Coelho Iberian School’. Coelho Iberian School is for everyone who wants to learn Portuguese. Here you’ll be having class online, while sitting comfortably on your sofa. Going for Erasmus+ to Portugal? Coelho Iberian School will provide language and cultural classes that will help students to enjoy their international…
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Mobility Friends Birthday

Mobility Friends was founded 6 years ago at 14 of May. All the Mobility Friends team and all the participants on campus were invited to celebrate this very special day with a lot of energy, culture, food and music.

Europe Day

Europe Day, observed on May 9 each year, which recognise the peace and prosperity within Europe both have achieved since their formation. This day was celebrated in campus with participants from various countries.

Ambassador of Poland in Lisbon visited Mobility Friends

On 2nd March 2017 Intercultural Association Mobility Friends had the pleasure of hosting the ambassador of Poland Mr Jacek Junosza Kisielewski accompanied by his wife Mrs Grazyna Kisielewska and the Commercial Attaché Mr Bogdan Zagrobelny and the Polish Consulate Adviser in Porto, Mrs. Danuta Kondek. Our guests had the opportunity to hear the opinions of…
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