Erasmus turns 30 years


More than 4.4 million students participate in European university mobility grants


They are the students of the Erasmus scholarship, an initiative of academic mobility of European scope that this 2017 turns 30 years and for which more than 4.4 million university students have passed in a program that as they say their protagonists until the satiety; change the life A phrase that has become the slogan of the European exchange programs: “changing lives, opening minds”.
Young people, with what it means to be young; who leave home for the first time, with what independence implies; and that they go to a different country, with which it contributes to know another culture; who look for the subjects of their careers that interest them in another language, with the required procedures; and that for an average of six months they move away from their known world to enter other realities that will bring that famed change of life.
When the idea started, only 11 countries participated in the program, now there are 33: the 28 EU Member States, plus Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.


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