Mobility Friends can provide participants with accomodation in multiple places, according to the budget and proximity to the place of activities. We can host people in Mobility Friends' Campus in Barcelos, but also in Braga in Portugal.


Mobility Friends can provide transfers with pickup or minibus from the bus station, train station, portuguese airports as Porto, Lisbon, Faro or Funchal and spanish airports as Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Seville or Madrid, to your accommodation.

Training and language courses

Mobility Friends can provide trainings in diverse domains ( I.T., Marketing, Education, Sports, Personal development). Our intensive Portuguese language course has different levels, from beginner to professional.

Work placements and work visits

Mobility Friends can provide participants with various work places where they can do their internship. They can also visit other enterprises in order for them to learn the differences between how their work is done. We organize mobility projects in Barcelos, Braga, Algarve Region and Madeira Island in Portugal, Vigo in Spain and Radom in Poland.

Cultural visits

Mobility Friends provides cultural visits for participants in cities in Portugal, Spain and Poland.


Mobility Friends offers certificates in order to prove what the activities were about.

Key Action 1 Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals

Mobility Friends - Host Partner & Sending Partner

We provide all opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Key Action 2 Erasmus+
Co-operation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices

We are partners in multiple projects, like InterMobil project or CRM project.

European Voluntary Service

Our organization is accredited (2016-1-PT02-KA110-0036368) as sending organization, host organization and Co-ordinating organization.

Volunteers shall be chosen regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, political view.


President's note

I am Nuno Varajão Barbosa and I work in education/training/european projects since 1995. Intercultural Association Mobility Friends is the oldest and most experienced in the organization of mobility in Minho Region, specializes in European Internships programs under the Eramus+ program.

We are interested in working with you either in your already approved Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project (IVT, Vetpro and PLM), Erasmus placement, Youth Project, European Voluntary Service or another mobility project in 2016-2017 and/or in your new projects to be submitted in the next call for proposals.

We have a wide network of private and public organizations collaborating with us for receiving your participants in Portugal, which allows us to always provide the most appropriate mobility for each participant. We are oriented to the participant, so each program is prepared in accordance with the expectations of each person.

In Portugal, our staff is prepared to organize mobilities in Braga, Barcelos, Apúlia Beach, Praia da Rocha-Algarve and Funchal (Madeira Island). We can also organize mobilities In Budapest (Hungary) and Radom (Poland), because we have offices with people from our staff, and even in other countries, because we have many host and intermediary partners with experience, that are available to organize with us mobilities chosen by our participants.

Other services

Apart from the services mentioned above we offer more ways for us to collaborate with you

  • Grants

    Mobility Friends offers help in accesing European grants.

  • Summer camps

    Our association can organize summer camps in beautiful Portugal.

  • Sports activities

    Our association supports healthy living and can organize diverse sports activities.

  • 24h emergency support

    Mobility Friends is always there by your side, no matter the hour or day

  • Business and professional contacts

    Our association has friends all around the world that can help you.

  • Job Shadowing and work visits

    We can organize for you different types of work visits and job shadowing placements

  • Meetings and round tables

    Mobility Friends can come to your aid by setting meetings and round tables with people from all over the world.

  • Workshops and seminars

    Our association can organize workshops in different domains, with experienced trainers.