reWIND - Rehabilitation Way In New Directions

- European Project involving Mobility Friends and partners from Italy (Eughenia s.c.s.), Austria (E.N.T.E.R.), Hungary (Oltalom), Romania (Misit Mediere), Spain (Docete Omnes) and Greece (K.E.D.D.Y.) -
ReWIND is a project that has been produced with the financial support of the JUST/2014/JDRU/AG/DRUG Programme of the European Union dealing with the prevention and rehabilitation of minors offenders who use or abuse drugs.
The project number is HOME/2014/JDRU/AG/DRUG/6629.

The project's objectives, activities, and the expected results are the following.


The project is focused on the research of Best Practices and aims at developing a Rehabilitation and re-integration Program, targeting young offenders using drugs, and comprising the following objectives:
  • To implement early intervention and targeted conflict deviance upstream, intervening on all the conditions that may favour it, including the use or abuse of drugs, paying attention to the global situation of minors and their family environment, offering advice to youngsters and their families even in the case of non-problematic use of substances
  • Increase the chances to restart healthy growth through the implementation of integrated processes support; a take-over joint public-private partnership, in which professionals with unique and specific skills and experience, are operating in a constant dialogue and networking
  • Overcome, through the implementation of new practices and operating procedures, psychological and economical obstacles, to allow vulnerable adolescents and their families to take advantage of a specialized service which hardly belong in, what is commonly perceived as, the context of care prevention


  • Define and characterize the specific needs of young offenders using drugs
  • Use the results of best practices that have been implemented so far
  • Create, share and transfer an Innovative Rehabilitation and re-integration Program for Young offenders using drugs

Type and number of persons benefiting from the project
  • 6 operators are involved in the creation of the Program and 24 are involved in the implementation and testing phase
  • 35 drug experts are involved in mutual learning and awareness raising activities 18 months after the start of the project
  • 70 health care professionals and social workers are involved in mutual learning and awareness raising activities
  • 70 stakeholders are actively participating in the program
  • 2 pilot test will be implemented
  • 70 young offenders using drugs and families will be receiving benefits from the Program
  • 7 multipliers are engaged in the dissemination and exploitation of the results
  • 70 health care professionals participating in mutual learning and awareness raising events
  • 70 social workers participating in mutual learning and awareness raising events

Expected Results

The global and long-term result of the project in hand is the creation of an innovative 360-degree program for rehabilitation and re-inclusion involving, as a direct target group, not only young offenders drug users, but also families, as central actors in the process of rehabilitation and post rehabilitation, to avoid "fallout".
Tangible outcomes will be obtained by achieving the following operational objectives:
  • Mapping and scooping needs and current best practices in rehabilitation of young offenders using drugs
  • Structuring a Vademecum addressing a working protocol
  • Implementing pilot test to assess its efficiency and effectiveness and to validate it at European level, also outlining recommendations for its implementation
  • Engaging stakeholders and promoting awareness (policy-makers, public authorities, social providers broadly, organisations representative of the referred area of activity, as well as bodies representative of the world of juvenile justice) aiming at supporting them to spot and fight identified issues
  • Organizing an extended dissemination of activities through a project web site and profile pages on social networks with large public audiences
  • Sensitizing policy-makers, public authorities, social providers broadly, organisations representative of the referred area of activity, as well as bodies representative of the world of juvenile justice, aiming at providing them guidelines for the implementation of good practices

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