ReWIND Project implementation - 2nd Transnational Meeting - Budapest, Hungary

- European Project involving Mobility Friends and partners from Italy (Eughenia s.c.s.), Austria (E.N.T.E.R.), Hungary (Oltalom), Romania (Misit Mediere), Spain (Docete Omnes) and Greece (K.E.D.D.Y.) -

The 2nd transnational meeting of the partners

The second partners’ meeting of the REWIND project has held in Budapest –Hungary on the 13th-14th of June 2016,  in order to follow –up on activities and tasks already agreed on the first meeting in Bitonto (IT) according to our scheduled working plan.    

5th Partner            PT:   MOBILITY FRIENDS 
Participating countries and organizations: 
1st Partner (Coordinator)  IT:  EUGHENIA 
2nd Partner           AT:  E.N.T.E.R
3rd Partner            RO:  MISIT MEDIERE
4th Partner            SP:   DOCETE OMNES
6th Partner            GR:  KEDDY OF EVIA 

The 2nd Transnational Meeting had worked and developed the following subject- matters:
During the first day the issues presented and discussed were the state of the work plan implementation I and II. 

Following was the presentation of the research by each Partner Organization.
In the mid time the partners made a study visit in Oltalom network buildings (refugees and homeless shelters, daytime shelter, heath service, “Heated Street), fact that left everybody with strong and positive impressions. 

The fruitful day closed with a thematic cultural and social walk in the 8th district of Budapest and a dinner at the Gólya Presszó which is a community house.
On the 14th there was the definition of the development of the next Work Stream and of the structure of “Rehabilitation and re-integration Program. Later the day the Romanian colleagues presented the planning for the next meeting in Timisoara.
The day closed with a very important event which helped everyone to embody the essence of the project:the study visit to the rehabilitation center Megalló Csoport. In advance the evaluation questionnaire was created and distributed by the host partner.

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