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Intercultural Association Mobility Friends (I.A.M.F.) is a non-profit association, headquartered in Barcelos, Portugal. Our mission is to develope an intercultural and multicultural learning through the creation, promotion and support of educational, social, entrepreneurial, cultural and recreational projects, making all the benefits from international mobility available to a growing number of citizens. We are specialised as host organization and sending organization for Erasmus+ projects, Key Action 1, Key Action 2 and European Voluntary Service. We organize mobility projects in Barcelos, Braga, Algarve Region and Madeira Island in Portugal, Vigo in Spain and Radom in Poland.

Multicultural and Intercultural Plurality

Valueing multicultural and intercultural plurality, trying to have a flexible and dynamic behavior, ensuring the success of the undertaken projects.


Acting with character and solidarity in the community and for the community.

Equal Opportunities

Providing equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race and religion.


Social Inclusion

Fighting social exclusion of people from disadvantaged social classes, low education level, those with physical and mental disabilities, elderly and racial minorities.


Seeking to have a more reliable, effective and efficient performance, cultivating team spirit and mutual support.


Encouraging the proactivity of employees and associates, to transform their ideas and their projects, in programs that are an asset to the community.

Erasmus+ Projects and Actions

Key Action 1 Erasmus+ Learning Mobility of Individuals

Mobility Friends - Host Partner & Sending Partner

We provide all opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Key Action 2 Erasmus+
Co-operation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices

We are partners in multiple projects, like InterMobil project or CRM project.

European Voluntary Service

Our organization is accredited (2013-PT-24 ) as sending organization, host organization and Co-ordinating organization.

Volunteers shall be chosen regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, political view.


Mobility Friends is involved in a multitude of Erasmus+ projects.

For Key Action 1 Erasmus+ our association is certified both as host partner and sending organization, organizing different types of mobilities all over Europe.

Included in the Key Action 2 Erasmus+ our association takes part in "Collect.Recycle.Manufacture - CRM" project and “INTERMOBIL - Intercultural competence training for SMEs hosting European mobilities” project.

Mobility Friends seen through the eyes of our participants.









Positive feedback

News and related articles

In this section you can find news about our organisation, articles released by the press, or by partners, and you can see the impact of our work in different communities.

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reWIND - Rehabilitation Way In New Directions - project presentation
Project with Mobility Friends and partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy and Latvia
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BEMUTATKOZOTT A MOBILITY FRIENDS - News about Mobility Friends' meeting on Hungarian TV
News about our activities
Presentation of practice in Portugal from a Polish group.

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