Erasmus Key Action 1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

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Mobility Friends - Host Partner

We provide all opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

As a partner organizer we do:

  • Diagnoses of Mobility Needs;
  • Organization of Mobility Plans;
  • Provide accommodation;
  • Provide transfer and transports;
  • Organization, Development of the Mobility;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Mobility;
  • Mobility for Internships;
  • Mobility for Professional Visits;
  • Education and Training of Young;
  • Education and Training of Adults

Mobility Friends - Sending Organization



16 to 23 July 2014

(Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Croatia)

Ozalj - Croatia

With the South of Europe Together Towards Ecology


6 to 13 September 2014

(Poland, Portugal, Croatia and Italy)

Zakopane - Poland

Leaders for Tomorrow - Training Course


8 to 16 September 2014

(Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Lithuania)

D├╝zce - Turkey

Other actions

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Key Action 2 Erasmus+
Co-operation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices

We are partners in multiple projects, like InterMobil project or CRM project.

European Voluntary Service

Our organization is accredited (2013-PT-24 ) as sending organization, host organization and Co-ordinating organization.

Volunteers shall be chosen regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, political view.